5 Tips in Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent

5 Tips in Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right listing agent to sell your home is an important decision. You need to make sure they are a qualified Realtor® who is licensed to sell real estate in your area. Besides the obvious task of checking credentials and competency, here are 5 things to look for in your listing agent.

A listing agent is responsible for accurately selling your home, negotiating on your behalf, and closing the deal. The relationship between home seller and their listing agent needs to be a positive one in order for it to work. Choosing your agent is an interview process, and the following 5 tips for choosing the right one will help you ask the right questions prior to signing a contract.

1. Interview Multiple Candidates

How do you know if you’ve met the right agent if you’ve only talked to one? It’s tempting to contract with the nice agent you chatted with while going through open houses or call up the agent with the most radio commercials, but you could be setting yourself up for a miserable experience. Contact a some real estate agents and get to know a few. That will help you weed out any potential personality conflicts.

2. Choose an Agent that Specializes in Your Property Type

If you’re trying to sell a 3,000 sq. ft. single family residence in the suburbs, you might not want to go with an agent who primarily lists urban condos. Finding an agent that is well versed in your type of property won’t be difficult, but it’s a very important criteria that will make sure your home is priced well and marketed correctly.

3. Pick an Agent that Can Close

This is what separates the weekend warrior from a career real estate agent. You want an agent that is working for you full time and has the resources and skills to close a deal and get your house sold. Ask your agent how many properties they’ve moved in the past couple years. More importantly, ask how many properties didn’t sell and how many contracts were broken or expired without renewal. That will help you to better gauge how their sales skills.

4. Go with a Well Rounded Home Marketing Plan

Marketing a home for sale requires a multi-facetted home marketing plan. This includes print listings in your local newspaper and publications as well as online listings. The agent needs to have a highly trafficked website to display your listing on. Your home can also be displayed on other real estate listings such as trulia.com, zillow.com, and many, many more. If your realtor does not know how to market your property effectively online, then you may want to keep searching for the best agent.

5. Choose an Agent that Listens

First off, your agent needs to be an expert in the market and in your specific property type. They need to know how to effectively price and sell your home as quickly as possible. Your agent should “know it all,” but the agent must also listen to your needs and requests. If you make reasonable marketing requests of the agent that he won’t do, then you may want to pass on him. If an agent doesn’t think she can sell your property until you make improvements, and you don’t have the budget for those remodels, then you may want to find an agent who can close a deal in the home’s current condition. There will always be differences of opinion, but the point is to make sure the lines of communication are wide open between you and your listing agent.

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