Easy Updates That Can Help Your Home Sell

Easy Updates That Can Help Your Home Sell

Putting your home on the market doesn’t have to involve lots of costly, time-consuming repairs. You can help your home sell fast and for a great price with just a few easy, budget-friendly updates.

Clean and Repair

This probably goes without saying, but at the very least, complete needed repairs. Be sure to fix nicks and scratches in the wood, and make sure all hinges, knobs, door latches and windows work. Consider having your own home inspection done before listing to help avoid surprises later.

Your house should be clean from top to bottom before it goes on the market. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, many cleaning companies offer real estate cleaning services that can even include appliances and some parts of your home’s exterior, like windows. Outside, make sure flower beds are neat and the lawn, trees, and hedges are trimmed.

Paint the Front Door

Your home’s front door sets the tone for the entire house. If it’s covered in scuff marks and scratches or the paint is chipping away, buyers may think the entire home is in need of repair. But a freshly painted or stained door shows that the home has been cared for.

Replace the Doormat

A new mat on the front porch not only makes your home look more inviting, it will help reduce the dirt and debris that can get tracked inside.

Update Light Fixtures

Old, dated lighting can make a home seem neglected. Most home improvement stores offer affordable lighting in modern styles and finishes. New light fixtures can be installed in just a few minutes and deliver big impact.

Freshen up Walls with Paint

You may love that the living room is painted in your favorite team’s colors, but buyers want to envision themselves and their belongings in the house. Remember that the goal is to make your house someone else’s house, and paint over daring paint colors. Repainting walls in a neutral color also makes the room feel new, and covers up signs of wear and tear that develop over time.

Clean or Replace Flooring

When a potential buyer walks into your home, they’ll be evaluating every square inch to look for items that need to be repaired or replaced. Dingy carpet may not prevent the house from selling, but the foreseen expense of cleaning or replacing it will most likely be reflected in the offers you receive.

At the very least, have your carpets professionally cleaned before listing the home if your budget doesn’t allow for replacement. If it’s an older home, check to see if there’s wood flooring underneath the carpet that can be refurbished.

If you have tile flooring, replace cracked or broken tiles, and fill in chipped grout. Vinyl floors are easy to replace with inexpensive and easy-to-install vinyl tiles. If you have wood floors, clean and polish them before listing your home.

In the Bathroom

Buyers want bathrooms to be clean and inviting, not dark and dingy. Replacing a worn toilet seat, recaulking the tub and shower, updating the light fixture, installing a new faucet, and changing out the shower curtain are easy and inexpensive updates. Take it a step further with fresh paint and a new vanity/counter-top combo.

In the Kitchen

If you don’t do any updates in any other rooms of your house, at least give the kitchen some attention, because your buyers definitely will. Take the time to ensure the kitchen looks bright and neat. Repair broken or loose doors, hinges, handles and drawer fronts, scrub the fronts of the cabinets, and make sure the appliances shine.

Ask Your Agent

An experienced real estate agent will be able to look at your home with an objective eye and help you prioritize needed repairs and updates. If you’re selling a home in the Wichita, Kansas, area, the experts at Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate can help.