How To Find A Pet Friendly New Home

How To Find A Pet Friendly New Home

We love our pets with all our heart and cannot imagine living without them. We often develop such deep relationships with our pets that we put them at the forefront of big decisions.

This means taking your pet into account when looking for a new home. While most homes come equipped to handle pets you still need to be on the lookout for a few things.

Here’s how to make sure you find a pet-friendly new home:


Fences are meant to keep little children and animals in while keeping pests out. If you have animals specifically dogs it is likely you will need a fenced in backyard.

If the home you are looking at does not have a fence, yet you want to make an offer see if you can get the current homeowners to sweeten the deal by installing a fence before you move in. Just remember to tell them something about this potentially swaying your decision as you really care about your animals and their safety.

Dog doors

Glance around the neighborhood of your potential new home and see if you see any dog doors. If you do it’s a good sign. Dog doors mean dogs and lots of dogs in a neighborhood mean it’s a pet-friendly neighborhood.  It’s even better if the home you are looking at comes equipped with dog doors itself.

Busy street

Observe how busy the streets around the home and the neighborhood are. If you notice the streets are particularly busy then the neighborhood may not be very pet-friendly. As well, if the streets are too busy then the neighborhood may not be kid friendly either.

Neighbor pets

When you are looking into making an offer on a home and your pets are a primary concern then you need to look around the neighborhood. Check to see if the current homeowners have any pets. Ask if the pets enjoyed the home and if there were any issues.

Walk the neighborhood and see if you notice any other neighbors having pets. It’s a bad sign if no one in the neighborhood has a pet. It means the whole neighborhood is not pet-friendly.

Yard size

One of the biggest factors in seeing if a home is pet-friendly is the yard size. While some pets do not necessarily need a big yard, many do. If you have an energetic dog who needs a place to play than a large yard is absolutely essential to finding the perfect pet-friendly home.