Kansas Pre-Exam Course – 30 Clock Hours
Options are available for class room or home study courses.
Kansas Association of REALTORS®
REALTORS® of South Central Kansas
Career Educations Systems
Paid at time of enrollment. $200.00
Preview Seminar with Mock Test (Optional) Paid at time of class. $45.00
State of Kansas Salesperson Examination Fee Paid at time of exam. $82.00
KBI/FBI Background Check
Submit fingerprints, KREC waiver form, fee payable by cashier’s check or money order mayde payable to KREC
Paid after passing Exam & prior to KS Practice Course. $60.00
Kansas Practice Course- 30 Clock Hours Paid at time of enrollment. $200.00
License Application Fee (payable to KS Real Estate Commission)
License must be activated within 4 months of earliest exam pass date
Paid when activating license. $15.00
License Fee (payable to Kansas Real Estate Commission). License Fee is for two years. Pro-rated license fee based on renewal date. Pro-rated fee paid when activating. $125.00
Annual Professional Association Dues
Orientation must be completed with 30 days of license activation. Dues are pro-rated based on time of application to REALTORS® of South Central Kansas (RSCK).

  • National Association of Realtors Annual Dues (Jan-Dec.) ($185.00)
  • Kansas Association of Realtors Annual Dues (Jan-Dec.) ($170.00)
  • REALTORS® of South Central Kansas – Annual Due (Jan-Dec.) ($225.00)
Pro-rated fee paid to RSCK at Orientation. $580.00
REALTOR® Initiation Fees (One-time fees)

  • RSCK Initiation – $100.00
  • KAR New Member – $150.00
  • KAR Issues Mobilization – $5.00
  • MLS Initiation Fee – $120.00
  • Activation Fee (Active Key) – $75.00
Set fee paid to WAAR at Orientation. $450.00
Quarterly MLS Fees

  • 1st Qtr: Jan-March
  • 2nd Qtr: April-June
  • 3rd Qtr: July-Sept
  • 4th Qtr: Oct-Dec
Pro-rated fee paid to 
RSCK at Orientation. Subsequent 
billing through CB Plaza. $146.00
Annual Xpress KEY Lease

(billing period March-February) Subsequent bills are from Supra (Insurance Optional – $29.95/year.)Option for E-Key (your smartphone is the key). eKey Basic or eKey Professional monthly rate between $15 – $30
Pro-rated fee paid to Supra. $241.10
Coldwell Banker LAUNCH Program

A comprehensive 28 hour training course, including training materials.
No charge. $0.00
Business Cards – 1,000 initial order Paid at start-up $64.00
Professional Photo Paid at start-up. $100.00
Name Riders – 5 Riders
24-gauge steel riders 6″x24″
Paid at time of order. $90.00
Estimated Start-Up Costs
This cost may be spread over 90 days.