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For Sale: 1118 W 40th Ave, Argonia KS, 67004. The property is conveniently located one mile from paved highway on a well-maintained sand road. It is a short 30 minute drive to the Wichita airport and shopping on the west side of Wichita. The land is 120 acres tillable with the balance in grass or trees and creek.44 bushels/acre wheat yield is typical, and the renter farmer practices no-till and generates a cash rent income while improving the soil and drainage. Mineral and water rights are 100% intact and transfer with the property. The electric power transfer station one mile to the northwest has generated several wind and solar development lease inquiries in the last 5 years. The creek is spring-fed and runs year round. This is perfect for wildlife and cattle and is quite rare for Kansas. Many people have hunted trophy deer and turkeys on my farm. The permanent water feature is a huge wildlife magnet. The house was built in 2003, is 16 x 32′, white with blue trim and has 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1.5 bath and kitchen and living area downstairs. It’s got a private water well and lagoon for septic, hot water heater, propane fireplace and cook stove, and window air conditioners and lights and ceiling fans. The underground storm shelter just north of the house is 14 x 8 and was built in 2008.The garage barn quonset building was built in 2006, is 40 x 50,has two garage doors, and has lights and electricity with water access and hydrant nearby. Owner has buried the power lines on the south side which allows easy and safe use of the grass runway from either the north or south approach. Yes, that’s a half mile of grass runway like ICT’s 01-19 runway heading. Owner has flown into and out of the grass strip there hundreds of times. The peace and quiet is incredibly soothing. The farm is surrounded by producing oil wells that keep the deer tame. High speed internet is available from the local phone company, and owner has used it and it was reliable. The creek and trees are beautiful and provide a great place to ramble and relax. Wildlife sightings happen more than daily; bobcat, whitetail deer, turkeys, rabbits, raccoons, etc. There is more than a lifetime supply of firewood and fence posts in the trees. The chicken house used to house over 40 chickens which were fenced in the yard. True Trophy Property. MLS Number: 601976


Just west of W 40th Ave N and Ryan Rd

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