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For Sale: 4300 S Greenwich Rd, Derby KS, 67037. 4300 S Greenwich Rd is for sale! There is so much this 80, yes Eighty acres offers. Being right off a black top is desired so your animals are not breathing in the harsh dirt road dust. We look forward to you kicking off a little dust and calling this your place. The property is located just North of 47th Street South and south of 31st Street South on the East side of Greenwich rd. You will see the welcoming white brick electric entry gate with steel pipe that utilizes ground loops for safety and automatic free exiting. Continuing on with the fencing the property has approximately 1.5 miles of pipe and cable fencing that is set in concrete posts with four runs of 1/4 diameter steel guy strand cable. Construction matter to you? The swing gates are completely constructed of heavy steal wall pipes with lubricated hinges. This property features and its construction has been built to last and withstand time along with animals. Speaking of animals, there are 18 freeze proof yard hydrants and 4 freeze proof automatic stock watering units located in pasture areas. All of the hydrants and automatic watering units are supplied water from the on site well with submersible pump which is used for fresh water supply. Pump controls are enclosed within a 4×8 well house. Water can also be found in the show barn, mare barn and bunk house. There is a show barn with central heat throughout. The show barn also provides eight 12 x 12 stalls, one 12 x 16 stall, grooming area and wash bay with heated water. Each stall provides an auto fly control system, individually controlled lights and electrical outlet for optional cooling fan, auto watering system and a custom stall front and door. There is another structure known as the mare barn. this is a concrete structure with three 12 x 12 stalls each with auto watering system, fly control system, individually controlled lights and electrical for optional cooling fan and a foaling observation/breeding lab, all heated with central heat, veterinary work area and a breeding area. Adjacent in the enclosed area (unheated) are eight 12 x 12 stalls Front entry is provided with concrete surface and roof. A lot right! There are approximately 30 acres of brome hay, 5 acres of bermuda hay, pasture areas that are fenced off and a nice alley way back to the barns. Pond stays full year round. There is also a concrete low water crossing in the pasture. Pastures offer three separate loafing sheds/hay bunks that are strategically placed to offer protection in inclement weather. Loafing shed floors are comprised of compacted screenings and no concrete is used for these horse accessible floors. The bunk house is a wood frame structure that the farm hand lives in. It offers central heat and window air. It has a covered concrete porch that spans the entire length of the front porch. Ground work is important. You would not be complete without a round pen. This 60′ in diameter covered round pen is comprised of box car roof side panels (so it is really strong steel). It has steel overhead truss system and composition roof with extended eves. Interior lights and electrical outlets are provided. Who doesn’t enjoy home grown goods? Well if you enjoy gardening or not please be sure and check out the garden shed. It is a favorite hideaway on the property. If someone has come up missing for a few hours it is because they have found the garden sheds AC on in the hot summer heat and passed out on the couch soaking in the relaxing vibes the garden shed gives after a hard days work. In summary we have gone over the Show Barn (front building), Mare Barn, Hay Barn, Loafing Sheds/Hay Bunks, Bunk House, Round Pen & Garden Shed. There is also a six horse walker, level riding arena and large shop. There is no place like the Greenwich property. MLS Number: 591599


Kellogg and Greenwich head south on Greenwich. Property will be located just North of 47th Street South and south of 31st Street South.

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