Should You Get a Seller’s Home Inspection?

Should You Get a Seller’s Home Inspection?

When most people hear “home inspection,” they think of a buyer’s inspection. After going under contract, the home buyer orders an inspection of the property to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed before closing. Most homes in the United States are evaluated by a professional home inspector before they’re sold.

A seller’s home inspection, also called a pre-listing inspection, provides the opportunity to know about any issues beforehand. While it is an extra investment, it offers several advantages. Here are five reasons to consider getting a seller’s home inspection before putting your home on the market.

Avoid Closing Delays

A home sale isn’t complete until closing. Many things can happen between signing the contract and closing that affect the deal, including unexpected findings from the buyer’s home inspection. This may lead to delays, lengthy renegotiations and trying to arrange for repairs—especially detrimental if you’re in the process of buying and moving to a new home yourself. In some cases, the closing could be significantly delayed or, worse yet, the deal could fall apart.

Puts You in a Better Position for Negotiations

Once you’ve agreed to a contract price, you may have negotiated as far down as you want to go. Likewise, the buyer may have offered the most they are willing to pay. If the buyer’s inspection uncovers a costly repair that the buyer wants to deduct from the price, you may have to accept less than you wanted or risk losing the deal.

By knowing about issues ahead of time through a seller’s inspection, you’ll be in control to make repairs or factor needed repairs into the asking price before negotiations begin.

Gives You More Control Over Repair Costs

Once you’ve gone under contract, both you and the buyer want to seal the deal. If the buyer’s inspection turns up issues you agree to have repaired, there may be limited time to get multiple estimates. You may pay more than necessary on repair costs in the interest of getting them done quickly.

With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll have time to get repairs done on your schedule. You’ll also have more freedom to make repair decisions without the buyer questioning your choices.

Have a Basis of Comparison to the Buyer’s Report

If you believe that an issue found in the buyer’s inspection report isn’t valid, having a report of your own to compare can help. You can also ask your inspector to look over the buyer’s inspection report.

It’s important to note that inspection reports may not match exactly on every item, especially minor issues. However, there should not be major differences between the findings of qualified inspectors.

Gain Peace of Mind

Neither you nor your buyer want to deal with a negative “surprise.” A pre-listing inspection will help the transaction go smoothly and give you both peace of mind before going into the sale.

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